๐ŸŽฒWanderworld Outposts Gameplay

In this outpost management game, you have the power to shape your destiny and impact the planet. Choose to earn tokens by capturing Smogglers and transporting them to Central Hubs for decontamination, or focus on mining and selling resources. Here, your strategic decisions not only fuel your finances but also boost the economy and ecological revival.

Earn $WNDR tokens by optimizing your outpost and through resource management. Personalize your space to suit your style and strategy, and dive into the community aspects by forming factions. Here, every playerโ€™s choice can sway the market, turning the game into a lively, player-owned economic battlefield.

Wanderworld is not for the faint of heart. Defending your outpost from degradation, pollution and other dangers adds a thrilling layer of challenge. Earn higher titles and unlock new capabilities as you expand your outpost. Balancing rapid growth with sustainability demands your best strategic thinking to thrive in the wilds of Wanderworld.

Outpost Tasks

1. Smoggler Capture:

  • Task: Initiate a Smoggler capture operation at an outpost.

  • Implementation: Players activate Smoggler Capture at an outpost, which consumes a set amount of time to fill outpost storage.

1. Basic Mining Operations:

  • Task: Initiate a mining operation at an outpost.

  • Implementation: Players activate outpost mining, which consumes a set amount of time to fill outpost storage

2. Resource Transportation:

  • Task: Transport captured Smogglers to the Central Hub.

  • Implementation: Assign transports to carry resources from the outpost to the Central Hub.

  • Reward: Receive additional $WNDR tokens upon successful delivery, with potential bonuses for faster transport times.

3. Outpost Upgrades and Equipment Assignment:

  • Task: Upgrade outpost facilities and assign specific equipment to structures and transports.

  • Implementation: Use earned $WNDR tokens for upgrades such as better mining output or enhanced storage capacity. Players can build new structures and assign equipment from their inventory to boost stats of vehicles and buildings.

  • Reward: Increased resource yield, reduced mining time, and improved operational efficiency.

4. Follower Recruitment:

  • Task: Recruit and assign followers to outposts and transports.

  • Implementation: Obtain followers through Cyber Clash victories or purchase and assign them to operations.

  • Reward: Increased productivity and efficiency in mining and transport tasks.

5. Daily Challenges:

  • Task: Complete daily challenges.

  • Implementation: Provide a set of daily tasks that players can complete within a day.

  • Reward: Bonus $WNDR tokens and rare equipment or follower NFTs.

6. Equipment Repair:

  • Task: Repair damaged equipment at the outpost

  • Implementation: Use $WNDR tokens and resources to repair or maintain equipment, ensuring continuous operation.

  • Reward: Sustained operational efficiency and reduced risk of equipment failure.

7. Environmental Impact:

  • Task: Increase output to clean the environment.

  • Implementation: As players capture more Smogglers, the overall cleanliness of the environment improves, reducing the degradation rate of all outpost structures and equipment.

  • Reward: Lower maintenance costs, extended lifespan of structures and equipment, and increased overall productivity.

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