💰Wanderworld Initiative Fund


The Wanderworld Initiative Fund is an integral part of our commitment to leveraging the power of gaming for real-world impact. It is designed to harness a portion of the in-game economy to fund initiatives aimed at restoring and preserving natural ecosystems globally.

How it Works:

In Wanderworld, each player's sign—representing land, sea, or air pollution—dictates the type of environmental issue they support. The distribution of the fund is based on the collective Cyberclash success of players under each sign, with the most successful sign's cause receiving the funding. Once a sign's cause is determined to receive the funds, the community then votes on specific environmental projects to support, effectively turning their in-game victories into tangible contributions towards ecological restoration.

Funding Mechanism:

To ensure transparency and efficiency, The fund is financed through an automated system using blockchain technology. A smart contract will automatically allocate a predetermined percentage of all $WNDR Token winnings and earnings from Cyberclash gameplay—to the fund. This process is fully automated and encoded within the game’s blockchain framework, ensuring that a fraction of every relevant transaction is instantly directed towards our charitable initiatives.

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