Outposts are set up within colonies to capture Smogglers and mine resources. Outposts need $Wandr Tokens and resources to repair any damage that happens over time.

  • Outposts & Cyberclash Champions: A small part of the money made from mining goes to the Colony Champion. Players can become the Colony Champion of the colony by winning the CyberClash tournament of that colony, but can only serve one term at a time.

  • Outposts & Equipment: These can be used on outposts to improve defense, attack, and mining efficiency.

  • Outpost & Followers: Followers can be assigned to an outpost to increase its stats and productivity.

  • Outposts & Discoveries: Players might also find rare NFT artifacts or make important discoveries when mining resources.

  • Outpost Destroyed: If the outpost is destroyed. You will lose the follower and equipment as well as the resources it carries.

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