🎮Cyberclash Game Modes

Tutorial Practice Mode

This free to play mode introduces players to the combat mechanics of Wanderworld: Cyber Clash. It provides a space for new players to hone their strategies and refine their skills without the pressure of real competition.

Story Mode

This free to play is the start of a multi-part adventure, players start as a lone Wanderbot striving to unite others. They must battle from the basement of Salvage City to surface, beating opponents and rallying fellow Wanderbots, level by level. Through battles and strategy, they can unite the Wanderbots to fight for a Wanderworld restored, unfolding the rich narrative of the game.

PVP Mode

In this PVP mode, players can fight against each other to earn rewards.

PVP Power Mode (NFT)

In this enhanced PVP mode, players can use special NFT-enabled Wanderbots, which provide exclusive rewards, earning boosts, tokens, and bonuses for each victory, enhancing the competitive experience with tangible benefits.

The end of the single player campaign awards the player with an outpost schematic in order to build an outpost in Wanderworld. Opening the next game phase called Wanderworld: Outposts.

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