๐Ÿ’ซCyberclash Power Decks

Power Decks are unique NFTs in the game, each containing five power cards, enhancing gameplay with enhanced attacks and abilities. Power Decks can be used by players with a Wanderbot hero NFT in PVP NFT Mode.

These Power Decks are tailored to the game's different signs, each power deck contains three universal power cards and sign power cards that are unique to the playerโ€™s sign. These can function as playing cards or single use power cards. Players can acquire Power Decks by earning them in PvP NFT Mode or purchasing them.

Once a player decides to open a pack, the smart contract triggers the unpacking process. This involves burning the NFT pack and minting new individual NFT cards that represent the contents of the pack. These new cards are then added to the playerโ€™s collection as distinct NFTs.

  • PvP NFT Mode Use: Power Deck cards can only be activated in PvP NFT mode, ensuring that their powerful effects are balanced within competitive play.

  • Special Battle Boosts: These cards might include multipliers for damage or defense, special abilities activated under certain conditions, or effects that alter the gameplay mechanics temporarily.

  • Enhanced Trading Value: As NFTs, Power Decks and cards can be traded, potentially accruing value based on their rarity, utility in gameplay, and demand among players.

The integration of Power Decks not only enhances the game's depth by offering more powerful and strategic options but also ties in the blockchain technology to provide real-world value and incentives for engagement in the game's ecosystem.

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